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XPIC IP-ASI-SDH Microwave Link


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General overview

The REBLE610-ODU is the split version of REBLE610 Elber full indoor microwave link, from which it differs for the sep¬aration between the RF part (hosted in a waterproof alu¬minum case) from the modem, the I/O section and control. The indoor unit (or control unit) REBLE610-IDU is equipped with a hot-swappable redundant pow¬er supply, available both with AC and DC inputs. The modular approach has brought to the development of the data interface module (hosting modulator, demodula¬tor and data interface) and the ODU communication mod¬ule (with head supply and optical interface). From an RF point of view, the new transmission circuitry is able to gua¬rantee around 1 Watt with every modulation scheme, in¬troducing, in addition, wideband precorrection (up to 1GHz depending on frequency band). Major innovations on the digital inputs side with three different data interface bo¬ards available: version A is equipped with 10 ports ASI/ BTS on BNC connector, configurable as inputs or outputs, so that it is possible to include the ASI distribution and ASI matrix capabilities in the same equipment; it also provides a GbE port L1 for IP traffic, a 2048 Kbit/s E1 data chan¬nel (as an alternative to 2 ASI/BTS ports), and a "transit" connection (not to waste coaxial connectors); version B is equipped with 5 DVB-ASI/BTS/SMPTE310 ports (in or out) and 5 E1 channels; version C is oriented to TELCO and new generation broadcasting networks, offering both SDH and IP interfaces, with electrical and optical connections, integrating optionally a L2 switch with QoS capabilities. To transfer all these signals the channel capacity has been increased to 56MHz leading to a maximum throughput of 310Mbit/s; using an optional XPIC module (and an extra RELBE610) it is possible to duplicate the bitrate increasing to 610MBit/s, exploiting H and V polarizations and cancel¬ling undesired contenta using special algorithms. Redundant configurations (SD and FD) are supported, as well as HSB adding CLEBER RF switch. A new management software offers complete control over device parameters and settings, an on-board TFT touch-screen allows a simple and intuitive user interface to check for anomalies. The same monitoring and control can be carried out through a particularly easy to use web interface and SNMP.

Main features
  • Half-duplex, Full-duplex or Repeater
  • Outdoor applications
  • Frequency:
    • 2 2000-2300
    • 3 3400-4200
    • 4 4400-5000
    • 5 5000-5500
    • 6L 5925-6425
    • 6U 6425-7125
    • 7 7125-7825
    • 8 7825-8500
    • 10 10000-10700
    • 11 10700-11700
    • 13 12700-13200
    • 14 14000-15500
    • Other on request
  • Direct frequency conversion (Zero-IF)
  • Wideband (up to 1.3 GHz)
  • Output power > 30 dBm in 128 QAM
  • Very high spurious suppression
  • Excellent noise figure
  • High-speed modem integrated
  • Interfaces:
    • Version A:
      • 10 x DVB-ASI/BTS
      • 1 x E1 (2.048Mbit/s)
      • 1 x GbE
    • Version B:
      • 5 x DVB-ASI/BTS/SMPTE310
      • 5 x E1 (2.048Mbit/s)
      • 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
    • Version C:
      • 2 x STM-1
      • 2 x OC-3
      • 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
      • 2 x 1000BASE-X
      • 1 x E1 (2.048Mbit/s)
      • 1 x Voice Channel
  • Bandwidth: 1.75÷56 MHz
  • VBR up to 310 Mbps (620 Mbps with XPIC option)
  • Integrated hitless switch for 1+1 configuration.
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supply (AC and/or DC)
  • WEB interface, SNMP v2 and GPIO

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