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SSPA/SSPB Ku-Band 200W GaN

The ESSPx is the outdoor solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) series designed and manufactured by Elber with GaN transistor technology,with output power from 50W up to 200W. Available also as SSPB, with in-house designed upconverter, the ESSPA-Ku200 is the 200W Ku-band version.



The new multi-purpose platform

CLEBER3U is the 3U version of the innovative and performing CLEBER platform; it can host up to 16 plug-in slots with any combination of boards. The new XS22 is a DVB-S/S2 Dual receiver plug-in board, Single/Multistream, supporting 2 ASI, TSoIP and E1 outputs with CAM module.


Microwave Video Distribution System

The new MVDS2 has been designed using the most recent and advanced techniques available today for the Video Distribution over Microwave link. The system accepts L-band input signals, and is able to convert them to a satellite diffusion band. The output signal can now be distributed via terrestrial infrastructure though received with common satellite dishes and LNBs.


“Dual Modem” Gigabit Ethernet MW Radio Link

The HS++Link is the evolution of the IP-native HS+Link to meet the needs of low cost/high performances MW network. A “real” GIGABIT ETHERNET RADIO. The IDU integrates a Dual Channel-Modem supporting two active ODUs to aggregate or switch the traffic between two links.


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