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Elber & ONEtastic offer Full ISDB-Tb Network Solution

Full turnkey and interoperable ISDB-Tb end-to-end systems for any Broadcaster



Elber, in cooperation with ONEtastic, offers a full ISDB-Tb network solution, for both distribution and transmission applications.

Elber, a worldwide leader of broadcast microwave links, announced the new REBLE 610 link, able to simultaneously transport up to 10 separate and independent BTS or TS streams (over ASI or IP) with a capacity of up to 610 Mbits/s using the XPIC technology.

REBLE 610 is the latest amazing achievement from Elber, resulting in years of innovation and experience in the broadcast microwave links market, since 1978. It particularly focuses on the ISDB-Tb market, as it offers the flexibility of transporting either BTS or TS streams, in a fully configurable way, in half duplex or full duplex modes.

ONEtastic offers a complete range of ISDB-Tb transmitters, with output power from 1W to 3000W (OneDriver, OneCompact, OnePower and MultiTastic series). These broadcasting solutions are today unique on the market, combining Satellite Receiver, Re-Multiplexer, System Layer Combiner, BTS Decompressor and complete Transmitter with Adaptive Pre-


correction circuits in a single compact box. They offer maximum level of flexibility for broadcasters depending on the kind of network architecture they wish to deploy, as well as easy network operation with a single management interface.

Elber and ONEtastic are now in the position to offer full turnkey and interoperable ISDB-Tb end-to-end systems to any broadcaster. For further information please send an e-mail to:



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